Say hello, Alex.

I knew my mom would worry when I told her I was going to North Korea, so I decided not to tell her until I came back. It was 2014 and I had just closed the door on my career in advertising. After three years producing tours for pop bands, and another six years as an EP at a post-audio house, I was itching to take a creative leap. That leap came in the form of a tiny artist residency in South Korea (after a quick trip to North Korea), where I hoped to find a story to pitch to my favorite podcast, Radiolab. Some of my friends laughed, my mom feared I’d never come back, and one of my aunties said, “Podcasts? Is that like NPR?”  Ten months later, I got in front of the Radiolab staff and pitched a story about the first paparazzi company in South Korea. I now have two Radiolab episodes under my belt, and in the fall of 2016 I was hired by The New York Times to report and produce their first narrative podcast, Change Agent. Don’t worry, mom, I’m here to stay. 

I currently produce The Daily at The New York Times.